Graphic Brighton poster

About this project

I had the honor of being invited by Alex Fitch – Panel Borders radio show on the Arts Council Radio Station, Resonance 104.4 FM / DAB in London – to create the poster for the 2016 edition of Graphic Brighton symposium.

In a time where we seem to be treading everyday on the brink of a new world war, this proved to be a fantastic opportunity to give my own interpretation of a war theme, in a city that was directly affected by it. I’ve thoroughly investigated how the city looked like during those days, and was able to do a reconstruction of the memorable West Pier – now a derelict – along with its barbed-wire fences on the beach.

With its theme of Conflict and Resolution, to connect with the Great War Centenary, the event featured such speakers as Kate Evans, David Lloyd, Dave McKean, Bryan Talbot and Mary M Talbot, to name a few, and took place in 9-10 December 2016.

ClientUniversity of Brighton - College of Arts and Humanities
SkillsPhotoshop, hand-drawn illustration
DateDecember 2016
Carlos Páscoa Illustration


Carlos Páscoa Illustration