Carlos Páscoa Graphic Design

About Me

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and comic artist with over 10 years of experience in the field. I can confidently produce creative, accurate stunning design for a wide range of applications including web and print, while employing a wide array of skills to get the job done in the most efficient way.

My industry experience includes over 3 years of working at a London digital agency as graphic designer and web publisher where I worked over 200 projects for a wide range of applications and services, including construction companies, online stores or individual projects.

Not only I’m passionate about visual communication, but I also employ a very mixed background of skills and knowledge to quickly interpret and match the client’s objectives, effectively and quickly achieving the best results within deadlines.


I was born in Beja, Portugal, and explored my creativity from a very early age, always creating loose drawings until 1995. In 1997 I’ve joined the Illustration and Comics Permanent Workshop at the Casa da Cultura of Beja, where I’ve learned the fundamentals of graphic narrative and storytelling.

I’ve participated in numerous collective comics exhibitions all over Portugal, especially at Casa da Cultura of Beja, during its International Comics Festival (FIBDB), in Moura’s Comic Book Festival, and at the Amadora’s International Comics Festival (FIBDA) as well.

I’ve graduated in Urban Management Architecture at the the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon in 2008, and worked since as an architect, a marketing assistant, graphic designer, illustrator and comics artist, employing my creative and professional capabilities in many different ways.

In 2013 I moved to London, where I worked as a graphic designer for over 3 years, and had my comics published by Avery Hill publishing and by David Lloyd, co-creator of V for Vendetta, on his online magazine Aces Weekly.

I’ve been a published illustrator and comic book artist for almost 20 years, mostly on fanzines and small magazines, usually creating my own scripts.


2017 – present
Freelance Graphic Designer and Comics Artist

Web Content Manager, EDP, Lisbon

2013 – 2016
Lead Graphic Designer, ineek Ltd, London

2012 – 2015
Graphic Designer, The Portuguese Ancestor, Lisbon

Marketing Assistant, Vasco da Cunha, Lisbon

2010 – 2012
Architect and Draughtsman, Valorum, Palmela

Project Coordinator, Architect and Draughtsman, José Costa Pina Architects Ltd, Lisbon

Published Works

The Man Who Could Read Paintings
Aces Weekly, vol.17
September 2015

Santa Apolónia
Written by André Oliveira
Casulo, Kingpin Books
April 2015

The Statue
Aces Weekly, Vol 7
October 2013

The Cable
Reads #4, Avery Hill Publishing
November 2013

O Vazio
Efeméride #5, Geraldes Lino
July 2012

Le Tangô
Venham +5 n.8, Bedeteca de Beja
May 2011

A Carniceira
Zona Negra 2, Edições Zona
November 2010

Passeio No Parque
Venham + 5 n.5, Bedeteca de Beja
May 2008

O Temporal
Venham + 5 n.4, Bedeteca de Beja
November 2007

Este é o Teu Futuro
BdJornal nº 2, Pedranocharco Publicações
June 2005

O Poço
Venham + 5 n.1, Bedeteca de Beja;
May 2005

The Light
Lua de Prata n.3, Bedeteca de Beja
May 2002